Promoting a leading biocluster in Southern Europe

Biocat is the organisation that coordinates and promotes biotechnology, biomedicine and innovative medical technology in Catalonia, i.e, the Bioregion of Catalonia. Its mission is to encourage all the stakeholders acting in this area and in their initiatives to create an environment with a strong research system, active knowledge transfer, and an entrepreneurial business network capable of becoming the driving force for the country’s economy and contribute to the well-being of society.

Created in 2006 under the impetus of the Generalitat (Catalan autonomous government) and Barcelona City Council, Biocat is a foundation that brings together in its governing bodies representatives from all groups involved in the sector: Administration, universities, research centres, companies and support bodies.

Biocat promotes collaboration between the various stakeholders and bodies involved in the biocluster within and outside Catalonia, on a national and international level. The organisation proposes flexible and innovative solutions to the challenges facing the sector, constantly seeking the highest quality and efficacy. Biocat’s programme of activities is clearly client focused and strongly committed to its objectives and to people.

Biocat plays a role in boosting the system, facilitating the access of companies and research bodies in the biotechnology and biomedical sector to public authorities; acting as a knowledge partner for the Administration in the design of policies and programmes for the sector; and compiling the requirements of society and national and international markets with the aim of aligning the biocluster’s strategies for the future with guarantees of success.